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There’s no denying the global impact that Coronavirus has had on the world. One industry that has been hit the hardest by the virus is the travel/tourism industry. Safety is a big issue and the cases of Coronavirus each country has is a major determining factor whether people travel there or not/ Fortunately, Africa is a continent with some of the lowest rates of coronavirus cases and death in the whole world. This article will share the death toll due to Covid19 registered in each African country.

Algeria  ; 1,689

Angola 155

Benin 40

Botswana 13

Burkina Faso 56

Burundi 1

Cabo Verde 52

Cameroon 416 

Central African Republic (CAR) 62

Chad 81

Comoros 7

Congo, Democratic Republic of the 271

Congo, Republic of the 89

Cote d’Ivoire 120

Djibouti 61

Egypt 5806

Equatorial Guinea  89

Eritrea 0

Eswatini  106

Ethiopia 1,127

Gabon 54

The Gambia  110

Ghana 297

Guinea 55

Guinea-Bissau 39

Kenya 659

Lesotho 33

Liberia 82

Libya 469

Madagascar 226

Malawi 179

Mali 129

Mauritania 161

Mauritius 10

Morocco 1,889

Mozambique 45

Namibia 116

Niger 69

Nigeria 1,100

Rwanda 27

Sao Tome and Principe 15

Senegal 303

Seychelles 0

Sierra Leone 72

Somalia 98

South Africa  16,118

 South Sudan 49

Sudan 836

Tanzania 21

Togo 41

Tunisia 174

Uganda 69

Zambia 331

 Zimbabwe 226









Adeola is a world traveller and influencer focusing her area of travel on the continent of Africa, being her passion at her core. The aspiring writer wants to use her story to educate those about what different African countries are really like through the gaze of a first-generation British Nigerian. Her solo travels through the continent aim to inspire others giving not only her stories but useful facts about each country.

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