Sudan, the land of the blacks, is situated in central Africa. Its neighbouring countries are The Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya and South Sudan. The capital city is the Khartoum and the local currency is the Sudanese pound (SDG).

Fun Fact: The Sudanese celebrate January 1st as independence from the UK and Egypt.

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


As Africa’s third largest country, it’s no surprise that the country is so ethnically diverse. The majority of the population are Sudanese Arab with Fur, Beja, Nuba and Fallata ethnic groups making up the country’s demographic. With over 100 languages spoken in the country, the official languages are Arabic and English. Nubian, Ta Bedawie and Fur are other commonly spoken languages.


Explore the capital, Khartoum. This bustling city is by the Nile. Why not get accustom to khartouman lifestyle with attractions such as the national Museum, it’s bound to be an eye-opening day.

Head over to see the longest river in the world, located in the capital the Nile street and river is a great way to end the day.

Explore the Sudanese pyramids. This UNESECO World Heritage site is home to hundreds of Tomba, pyramids and temples.

Western Deffufa is a tomb structure which dates back over 5000 years ago.

The Island of Meroe a UNESECO World Heritage Site is an archaeological wonder with statues and ruins dating back to the 8th Centuary BC.

Rituals and Culture

The majority of the country are Sunni Muslim with some Christians. Though there are different religions with the country Apostasy (converting from Islam to Christianity) is an offence.

Some staple Sudanese foods include corn and vegetables. Some local delicacies include Ful (cooked bean soup) is a popular dish, Asseeda (porridge) and Moukhbaza (banana paste).


The country is very unstable at the moment so please check more travel advice check out; FCO: Travel Advice 

Outside of the UK: Please check your government’s travel advice carefully

If you still plan on visiting, here are some useful tips:

– Sudan still has many laws that you should know about. From alcohol consumption, public indecency (for women especially) to homosexuality, these are punishable with stoning or worse crucifixion. Make sure you check and abide by local laws.

– Strapped with cash. There are no ATMs, so make sure you take some money with you or convert your money into the local currency.

– Protect your skin! This country’s makeup is mainly desert and so you can imagine how hot the country can get. Remember to stay hydrated and pack lots of sunscreen on.

– Modesty is a must, especially as a woman. As the country is a Muslim country, foreign women and men should dress modestly to respect the culture.

– Once the sun goes down in the desert, it can get very cold, so make sure you take this into consideration.

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