This is situated on the Northern African coastline. Its neighbouring countries are Algeria, Mali, Morocco and Senegal. The capital of the country is Nouakchott and the local currency is Ouguiya (MRO).

Fun Fact! Over two-thirds of the country are made up of the Sahara desert!

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So, let’s break this country up into PARTS.


The majority of the country are descendants of black moors (Haratines) and white moors (Arab- Berber descents) and Sub-Saharan Mauritanians. Arabic is the county’s official language but Wolof, French, Pular and Soninke are other commonly spoken languages within the country.


Marvel at this ship cemetery. Nouadhibou bay is one of the biggest ship cemeteries on earth with over 300 ships wrecks on the shores of the beach.

The Banc d’Arguin National park is home to a range of birds. This UNESCO World heritage site is located on the Atlantic coast.

The Ancient Ksour of Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata is a UNESCO World heritage site. These ruins portray the 11th nomadic cultures.

Rituals and Culture

The majority of the country’s population are Muslim.

Some staple foods are fish, rice and dates. Some specialty dishes are; Thieboudiene (the national dish made of rice and fish), yassa Poulet (chicken and vegetables either eaten with rice or chips) and Mahfr (meat cooked in peanut sauce served with rice)


– Protect your skin! This country’s makeup is mainly desert and so you can imagine how hot the country can get. Remember to stay hydrated and pack lots of sunscreen on.

– Modesty is a must, especially as a woman. As the country is a Muslim country, foreign women and men should dress modestly to respect the culture.

– Learn the language. It may be useful to learn a little Arabic or French as English is not commonly spoken in smaller cities.

– Once the sun goes down in the desert, it can get very cold, so make sure you take this into consideration when booking your tour.


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