Madagascar, a tropical, megadiverse paradise, situated in in the Indian Ocean. This African island is the world’s fourth-largest island. Mozambique is the closest mainland African country. The capital city is Antananarivo and the local currency is called Malagasy Ariary (MGA).

Fun Fact! Madagascar is home to some amazing wildlife! Over 70% of its species aren’t found in any other country! It’s no wonder why this country is one of the only countries in the world classified as ‘megadiverse‘.

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So, let’s break this country up into PARTS.


The different ethnic groups in Madagascar are: Malayo- Indonesian, Cotiers (mized african, Arab and Malayo-Indonesians), French, Indian and Comoran The official languages are Malagasy and French. English is also widely spoken.


If you’re in the capital, why not check out; The remains of Rova of Antannanarivo, Queen Ranavalona’s palace ruins or the picturesque Botanical and Zoological garden of Tsimbazaza. Analakely market is a great place to get some fresh local food, you can also do a bit of shopping too!

For all those animal lovers, lemur park would not disappoint. This natural reserve is home to several species of lemurs who were rescued and home to other tropical wildlife.

Climb Maromokotro. Mt Maromokotro is the tallest mountain on the island, and it may not be an Everest, the view is certainly not disappointing.

Tsingy de Bemaraha nature reserve, this UNESECO World heritage site is home to undisturbed forests, lakes and wildlife. Why not go on an eco-tour to see for yourself what how undisturbed nature flourishes.

The Royal Hill of Ambohumanga is a sacred royal city. For many Malagasy’s this remains a place of worship. If you’re planning on visiting this UNESECO World heritage site please make sure you dress respectfully.

Rituals and Culture

Even though, Malagasy people are predominantly Christian they are also animists. Taboo and magic are commonly practiced. Football is the country’s national and most popular sport but traditional sports like Moraingy (a form of wrestling) is also popular.

Most Malagasy live off of the food of the land and some staple foods include rice vegetables. Some delicacies include Malagasy (fried rice), Asians settled in the country first before Africans and their food reflects this. Zebu (Beef) Lasopy (Beef and vegetable soup).


– Do not drink the tap water

– Keep it on you. Police regularly check people’s ID’s so make sure you keep this on you as well as your yellow fever certificate.

– Keep your wits about you; unfortunately, the country has seen a rise in petty so always make sure you are aware of your surroundings.


For more travel advice check out; FCO: Travel Advice 

Outside of the UK: Please check your government’s travel advice carefully.



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