Botswana is a landlocked country located in the South of Africa with its neighbours being: Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia. Though the country may be landlocked, it is definitely not trapped, the country is geologically astounding with deserts, savannahs, waterfalls and wetlands. The capital city is Gaborone with the country’s currency is called the Pula (BWP).

Fun Fact! Botswana is home to some of Africa’s largest areas of wilderness with nearly 40% of the country made up of national parks and wildlife reserves!

If you’d like to know more interesting facts about Botswana, click on the video below

So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


Botswana people are a mix of different ethnic groups with, Tswana and Kalanga making up the biggest groups. English is the official language as Botswana was a former colony, but native languages such as Setswana are more commonly spoken.


For all those animal lovers, Botswana not only has the big 5 but some of the world’s most exotic bird species too, which can be seen in the Chobe National Park, Nxai Pans National park and Okavango Delta.

For those travellers who want to get to know the people and the county more why not check out the Tsodilo Hills. A UNESCO World heritage site with over 4,500 painting preserved.

Gabore, the capital is also worth exploring. With a lot to offer, from beautiful palaces, temples and churches scattered around the city.

Rituals and Culture

The main religion is Christianity in Botswana with some people following indigenous beliefs. The countries national dish is Seswaa (this is a stew made with meat which is then shredded and pounding the meat and added with Morogo (Spinach)) and maize.


– Although it’s useful to have some Pulas on you, it may also be useful to carry dollars ($) or pounds (£), especially if you intend on going on tours.

– You need a few pages free in your passport if you plan on travelling to other neighbouring countries.


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