Believed to have originally been uninhabited, São Tomé and Príncipe is now Africa’s second smallest country. This tiny central African island is in the Gulf of Guinea. Made up of two islands; Ilha de Sao Tome being the biggest and Ilha do Príncipe. With the closest mainland African country being Gabon. The capital is Sao Tome and the local currency is the Soatomese dobra (STD).

Fun Fact: The largest sunbirds in the world can be found in São Tomé and Príncipe!

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


The majority of the population are mestico (mixed African and European), Europeans, Africans (Angola, Mozambique and Cabo Verde) and Asians. The official language is Portuguese as they were a former colony. But a Creole dialect is often spoken as well as Forro and French.


This little country has a lot to offer for tourists.

Explore the capital; Sao Tome island is bursting with adventures. Why not road trip the whole island. Starting at the bottom you can head to Rolas Island; with amazing sand and crystal-clear waters, you’ll be sure to feel like you’re in paradise.

Travel to Cao Grande Peak, a volcanic peak. Why not scale to the peak through all the country’s amazing biodiversity.

Further north off the country is Sao Nicolau Waterfall; the trek up to the falls is short but definitely worth it. Lagoa Azul at the top of the island is an amazing bay; from the deep blue waters it is an isolated slice of heaven.

Why not island-hop. Though Principe island is much smaller, it still offers a slice paradise. Home to some of the best beaches in Africa and Bom Bom Island being one of its top attractions, it’s a country definitely not to be overlooked!

Rituals and Culture

Catholosism is the country’s dominant religion.

Root crops such as yam and cassava are some country’s staples. As the country is an island; fish is also frequently eaten. With local delicacies being feijoada (bean and meat stew), Riz Creole (spiced rice) and the national beer is called, Rosema.


– Don’t drink the tap water

– Keep your wits about you; unfortunately, petty crime is common in Sao Tome so always make sure you are aware of your surroundings.


For more travel advice check out; FCO: Travel Advice 

Outside of the UK: Please check your government’s travel advice carefully.


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