Also known as the Togolese Republic, Togo is situated on the west African coast. Its neighbouring countries are Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana. The capital city is Lomé located on the coast of the country and the local currency is the West African Franc (XOF).

Fun Fact! The Pope attended mass in a church in Lomé!

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


With nearly 40 different ethnic groups, the country is very diverse. The main ethnic groups in Togo are the Adja-Ewe, Kabye and Akan. The country’s official language is French. Other languages such as Ewe, Mina, Kabye and Dagomba are also commonly spoken.


The capital Lome is jam packed with things to do and see. Why not start with the national monument; Monument de L’Indeprenace which is a tribute to the country’s independence. There’s also Sacred heart Cathedral (visited by Pope John Paul II himself) with beautiful vibrant architecture. The Palais de Lome and National museum are also great places to see learn about Togolease history and art.

Akodessewa Market boasts to be the world’s largest voodoo market. If you’re a believer of the spiritual realm or just curious, this market is sure not to disappoint.

Lome has some amazing beaches such as the Blue turtle beach bay, home to sun sea sand and smiles.

Climb Mt, Agou. This is the country’s tallest mountain, located in the south of the country, close to the Ghanaian boarder.

Fazao Malkafassa National park: the country’s largest national park is home to amazing biodiversity with animals such as Lions and elephants. Located by the Ghana boarder, this place is home to lush vegetation and wildlife.

Experience Koutammakou, this UNESECO World Heritage site located in the north eastern region explores the Batammariba culture and houses.

Rituals and Cutlure

Christianity is the country’s main religion with ancestral beliefs such as voodoo being the second largest religion. In fact, it’s quite common to see voodoo markets. The country’s favourite and national sport is football.

Some staple Togolease foods are: Maize, rice, yam, fish and plantain. Some traditional dishes include: Fufu (pounded and doughed cassava typically served with a stew), Jollof rice (Rice cooked with tomato sauce and red palm oil), Pates (made from pounded cassava or maize typically served with a stew) and palm wine.


You must haggle, if not expect to pay premium prices. Most times prices of transport are set but most other things, markets etc you can haggle

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