Lesotho, also known as the mountain’s kingdom, is situated in southern Africa It is surrounded by South Africa. The capital of Lesotho is Maseru located on the western side of the country. The local currency used is Lesotho Loti (LSL)

Fun Fact! This country is an enclave! (An enclave is a country within a country)

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So, let’s break this country up into PARTS.


Basothos (What Lesotho people are called) are made up of Sotho people with a few European and Asians making up the country’s demographics. The official language are English and Sesotho which is a bantu language. Other languages like Zulu and Xhosa are also spoken particularly around the country’s boarder.


Maletsunyane Waterfall; an undeniably picturesque waterfall.

Afriski, this town located in the Maluti mountains, is a skier’s dream. With ski slopes and resorts open all year round why not head over here to ski or snowboard.

Hlotse; this site is home to several dinosaur footprints over 180 million years old.

Maloti- Dralensberg park is a UNESECO World heritage site. This national park is a protected area home to some amazing endangered species.

Kome Caves; these group of caves are a direct link to the country’s history. Why not visit to learn more about Lesotho history from the very descendants of the people who built the caves.

Rituals and Culture

The majority of Basothos are protestants or Catholic is the dominant religion within the country. Basothos enjoy celebrating their culture and traditional festival are very common such as Morija Arts and Culture festival held in October

Whew, all that dancing must make them hungry eh? As the country relies on agriculture some staple foods include corn, vegetables, and wheat. Some local specialties include pap (a cornmeal porridge), Braai (A southern African barbecue) and Makoenva (cinnamon rolls)


Though this country is in Africa, it’s mountainous terrain can make it very cold. Make sure you bring extra layers especially if you’re going to Afriski.


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