Rwanda also known as the land of a thousand hills is a landlocked country situated in East Africa. This country has transformed it’s itself and its global image-making Rwandan’s stand stronger than ever in unity. Its neighbouring countries are Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania and Uganda. The capital is Kigali and the local currency is the Rwandan franc (RWF).

Fun Fact! The Rwandan government has the highest population of women in parliament!

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


Due to the Rwandan genocide, no Rwandan identifies as either Hutu or Tutsi as these groups were decisively constructed by Belgian colonialists. The official languages are Kinyarwanda, English and French. Though other languages such as Swahili are commonly spoken to.


With one of the fasted growing tourism industries, why not come to Rwanda to experience why.

Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial. The Rwandan genocide will forever by in Rwandan history. This memorial commemorates those whose lives were taken. Learn about the events leading up to the genocide and connect with the people who lost their lives through their faces.

Niyo Arts Gallery is a great place to go to explore the country’s cultural and modern art pieces.

Outside of Kigali, Alagera national park is the largest park in the country with a guaranteed view of the big 5.

Climb up Virungas Mountain range. This range is a collection of mountains located by the boarder of the DRC. Why not book a tour up one of the mountains and national parks such as the Volcanoes National park, home to the most mountain gorillas in the world.

Rituals and Culture

The predominant religion is Catholicism and with Protestants being the second largest religion.

Rwandans care a lot about their country! Umuganda is a community project where the whole country helps clean up the country for 3 hours on the last Saturday of the month.

Traditional Rwandan food is matoke (plantain), Brochettes (grilled meat on skewers), chapati (flatbread) and ugali (maize porridge)


– Plastic bags are banned in the country! Don’t attempt to bring in any non-biodegradable plastic bags as they will be seized at the airport.

– Get the currency: Though dollars are commonly used to book tours, it is also good to get the local currency as it may be difficult to find ATMS outside of the big cities.


For more travel advice check out; FCO: Travel Advice 

Outside of the UK: Please check your government’s travel advice carefully.

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