Chad is a landlocked country, situated in the northern central part of Africa. It’s neighbouring countries are Libya, Sudan, CAR (Cental African Republic), Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. The country is really living the Hannah Montana lifestype getting the best of both worlds with deserts in the north, tropical climates in the south and mountains in the northwest. The capital is called N’Djamena and the local currency used is the Central African Franc (CFA).

Fun fact! Chad is home to the highest volcano in the Sahara desert (Emi Koussi).

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


The majority of Chadians are part of the Sara ethnic group. However other ethnicities include Buduma, Arab, Mimi, Gorane and much more. The two official languages of Chad are French and Arabic. However, over 120 other languages spoken around the country such as Sara


If you are in the city centre, why not check out the National museum of Chad and dive into the country’s history.

If you are, outside N’Djamena there is still so much to see. Lake chad, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Zakouma National park is home to some of the world’s most exotic wildlife.

If you are looking for a little history why not venture into the Sahara desert to see prehistoric cave painting. Ennedi Massif is a UNESECO world heritage site offering so much Chadian history.

The Ennedi plateu and Aloba Arch are also wonders of nature located on the western side of the country. These are geological phenomena’s!

Rituals and Culture

The majority of Chadians are Muslim with Protestant and Catholicism being the next most practiced religion. Chadian diet is a blend of African and French food, with dishes like Kisser (pancakes). Peanut stew and Daraba stew (okra, vegetables and peanut butter) are also very popular.


 You must get a permit to take photographs in Chad. Photography in airports and government buildings are illegal to take.


For more travel advice check out; FCO: Travel Advice 

Outside of the UK: Please check your government’s travel advice carefully.


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