Also known as ‘heaven on earth’, Mauritius is situated in on the eastern side of Africa. These islands are pretty remote, surrounded by the Indian Ocean with Madagascar being the closest country to it. The country is made up of three main islands Agalega, Rodrigues Island and St Brandon Island with a collection of smaller islands and some disputed territories. Though these islands may be small they definitely are mighty in nature, culture and diversity. The capital city is Port Louis and the local currency is the Mauritanian Rupee (MUR)

Fun Fact! The extinct Dodo bird was only found in Mauritius.

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So, lets break this country up into PARTS.


Due to the country’s history, Mauritians are a mix of African, Indian European, Creole and other Asian and Indigenous ethnic groups.

Whilst English the official language, Mauritanian Creole is the most spoken language. Other languages like Bhojuri and French are also spoken too.


Sun, Sand and Sea! Mauritius is home to some world-famous beaches, heading over to one in a must here! Whether you’re a sunbather or a wave rider, the beaches are sure not to disappoint. Some recommended beaches are: flic en flack, blue bay and Belle Mare

Chamarel Plain; these beautiful seven coloured dunes are a natural and geological splendour.

Ramgoolam botanical garden, north of Port Luis, is home to over five hundred of indigenous plants species.

Aapravai Ghat, is UNESECO World heritage site in the Mauritius. This site is a step through time, exploring the history of the indentured labourers who came to the Island.

Black River Gorges National park is an amazing protect areas with hundreds of endemic plants and wildlife, it’s even home to the pink pigeon, one of the rarest birds in the world.

Le Morne cultural landscape was a place of refuge for runaway slaves. It’s now a popular hiking route for those who love history and nature.

Rituals and Culture

Hinduism is the largest religion i the Mauritius whilst Christianity is the second largest religion.

A cultural Mauritian art is Sega music. This originated from the enslaved population. These creole melodies are the county’s national music. Another famous activity within the country is horse racing. Whew, will all these activities then must need to load up on some energy, right? Sugarcane is grown on 90% of the country’s cultivated land. Talk about a sweet country! With that being said it’s no wonder it’s a common snack with the national drink being rum. The diversity of the country has also affected their culinary palette. With African, French and Indian influence, meals such as Curry, Dim sums and a range of seafoods are common in the country.


Protect your skin! Remember to stay hydrated and pack lots of sunscreen on.


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