Morocco Suspends Contracts With Germany Over Western Sahara Dispute

(2 mins read) Morocco has announced that it has suspended contacts with the German embassy in the country over its stance on Western Sahara. The country’s foreign affairs ministry cited “deep disagreements concerning crucial issues”, without elaborating. A senior Moroccan diplomat cited Germany’s reaction to the US decision in December to recognise Moroccan sovereignty over

Biden plans to rebuild ties with African Union

(1 min read) Biden promises to rebuild ties with African Union The newly elected 46th US President; Joe Biden promised to rebuild his country’s partnership with the African Union (AU) moments after he delivered his first foreign policy speech since taking office. His predecessor, Donald Trump, sparked a row in 2018 over his alleged use

DRC President becomes chairman of African Union

(3 mins read) The DRC’s President Félix Tshisekedi has now become the chairman of the African Union for one-year. He replaces his South African  Cyril Ramaphosa, following the African Union’s 34th summit on Saturday. Mr. Tshisekedi faces some big challenges this year with the coronavirus pandemic hitting health service and economies hard. The continent has so far

Why are African governments increasingly blocking social media?

(5 mins read) The blocking of social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp is becoming increasingly common in certain African countries. Digital rights activists say it’s censorship, but governments argue it helps maintain security. How do governments exactly block people from social media? A government can restrict access by ordering internet service providers