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Travel is a truly life changing experience and though we recognise it is a luxury that not all can afford, it’s something that now thanks to modern day technology can be explored through screens!

In honor of Black History Month, we dove into understanding who these new age African travel pioneers are and how they are changing the global scope of Africa.

But before we can see the present we must first understand the past and those who came before.

Traditionally many African societies were nomadic. Nomadic people are groups who often migrate from one place to another and have no permanent “home”. The reason they often travel is for resources such as food, water or to escape whether conditions or seasons. Some of these Nomadic people include;

The Tuareg

The Tuareg are that particularly resilient group, and they’ve been living in the Sahara Desert since 4th or 5th century AD! There are about two million of them living throughout the Sahara, primarily in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso

The Pokot

The Pokot predominantly reside in Kenya and Uganda. Their pastoral lifestyles mean they travel and heard their animals along the way. There are about 700,000 Pokot today, and they have not yet abandoned the nomadic lifestyle for something more settled.


Khoisan is a collective term for two groups of nomads – the San, or Bushmen, who are hunter-gatherers, who live across southern Africa. Genetically, they are a fascinating group, as research has found evidence to tie them closely to some of the earliest existing humans. 


The Himba are a nomadic African tribe and traditionally travel from waterhole to waterhole tending their cattle and goats. They are found within modern day Namibia

With many other African tribes living this type of lifestyle, beginning to name them all will take up all the time in the month! But we also want to give space to those who are utilising social media to highlight the beauty in Africa. 

So without further ado and in no particular order here is our list of must follow African travellers.

the people’s journeys we are about to mention, I guarantee will make you feel like you’ve been with them at every step of the way.


Jessica Nabongo is a Ugandan American and the first Black woman to travel to every country in the world. On Oct. 6, 2019, she arrived in her final country, the Seychelles. Jessica doesn’t just give us visual travel inspiration. She fills her blog and Instagram captions with useful travel tips and one-of-a-kind stories about what she learns and experiences on her adventures. She has now founded Jet Black, a boutique luxury travel firm that helps plan group “Black Jet Jaunts” and private trips to countries in the African diaspora and beyond.


Sam Muchai is a Nairobi-based aerial photographer, and his photographs make you feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension! If you fall in love with a snap on his grid, you can purchase prints here.


Sissy is a Ghanian  travel enthusiast who loves taking people on tours of her beautiful country. Her instagram aesthetic is very real showing, making you feel that you can almost sense being amiss the country. 


If you’re looking to travel to Africa then Abena is the girl for you to watch!  This French-Cameroonian promotes Africa to the core! If you want to see the beauty in Africa go to her page! 


Nora is an Ethiopian traveller who we’d recommend as a more “realistic” and beginner friendly traveller. Her instagram page is full of memories and gives you a girl next door vibe, with more realistic imagery of how the country you are in will look. You can even listen to her tales on clubhouse and the BBC.


MrGhanababy a.k.a Wode Maya is on a mission to showcase Africa’s beauty and diversity. This Ghanian born globe trotter provides in-depth informational video for countries around the world but has now focused his efforts on promoting his own continent. Watch his YouTube videos!


Jessica Ufuoma is a Nigerian – Canadian traveller who’s instagram aesthetic will have you hooked! She uses reels to share her journey alongside creating tips and advice posts. Her followers also enjoy her regular giveaways so follow now for inspo and potential goodies!


Azukile is a South African traveller keen to show off the beauty In her country. Living in a country that is one of Africa’s only megadiverse countries too, I would want to share the beauty too.


Tayo is a Nigerian real estate turned traveller who promotes African apartments and cultures on his YouTube Channel. On his instagram page Tayo shares unique experiences both personal and more travel content. Where will he go next? Follow him to know more.


Lydia is a British-Botwanan influencer who has a diverse range of content for her diverse followers. However her travel content steals the show! With breathtaking views from each country, she details her trips on YouTube showing elements of the trip not captured on Instagram.


Thando is a Tanzanian travel content creator who shows the highlights of her country. She goes in depth showing the hidden gems across Tanzania.


Meryl is a South African family travel content creator who shows that travel is possible with a family. She shares secret gems in South Africa and highlights why this country is classified as megadiverse.


Jupiter like his name, showcases  content that is out of this world. The Rwandan-Parisian has unique travel pictures on his Instagram which shows once in a lifetime experiences such as travelling to the North Pole!


Fari is a South African traveller who focuses her travel on her country, she does however hold her own tours too which explore other countries such as Tanzania. Fari’s instagram is filled with action packed and unique activities to do which will just have you adding to your bucket list.

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