The best beaches in Africa

Who doesn’t love the beach? With warm soft sand, crystal blue waters and a chance to see amazing sea life, we promise you this list will have you planning your next beach vaycay! So without further ado here are our top 10 African countries with the best beaches. 

Madagascar is one of the few countries in the world classified as megadiverse, so it’s no surprise that the country would end up on our list. With beautiful white sand and scenic islands this county is a must visit for all beach lovers.

Some or our favourite beaches include; Ifaty beach club (Ifaty Island), Antisirana Bay (Antisirana island), Taolagnaro and Nosy Ambariovato(Ambariobe Island).

Sao tome is a perfect hide away for those truly looking to a peace of tranquillity. This tiny west African country is home to some amazing undisturbed beaches such as  Praia das Bananas, Praoa Jele, Lagoa Azul and Praia dos Terarindos 


The Gambia may be a small African country but it’s definitely mighty in it’s attractions and the beaches are no exceptions.

Some of our top picks are Kololi, Bijilo and paradise beach.

Bijilo beach is attached to the forest park so make sure you also take a stroll through there to see some local monkeys.


Home to some of the continent’s most amazing wildlife parks, it’s no surprise that Kenya made it onto our top pick as well.

The beaches here are not only picturesque but have amazingly diverse aquatic species. Visitors here can go diving and snorkelling to see the sealife.  With watamu, Diani beach (Mombasa) and Lamu beach (Lamu) being our must-see.

Mozambique has some breathtakig beaches both on the mainland and on it’s islands.

Coastal towns like Tofo set the bar high in this country. Tofo Beach is known for attracting dolphins and wales to the sure is definitely not to be missed.

Praia de Bazaruto beach on Bazaruto Island is every beach lovers dream. As the island is not as often visited, you can have the beach practically all to yourself! What would you do alone on a beautiful beach with soft sand that stretches for miles?

Mauritian beaches are known worldwide for their undeniably beauty. 

Flic en Flac, Grand Baie beach and Ile Aux Cerfs are lively beaches with beautiful sand and great restaurants and bars to accompany it.  Belle Mare is said by many to be the country’s best beach by locals and tourists alike. Why don’t you let us know what you thought of it when you get back?


South Africa is one of those African countries that really have it all. With such beauty and diversity, it’s no surprise that their beaches are no exception either.

Some of the highest rated beaches in the country are; Clifton Beach (Cape town), Camp’s bay beach (Camp’s bay) and Uvongo (Uvongo)

Though, maninland Tanzania does have some great beaches especially in Dar Es Salaam. Some of my favourites being Coco and south beach. The beaches in Zanzibar are on another level. With crystal blue waters and exotic fruits. Beaches such as Jambiani, Matemwe and Bwejuu really offer it all to travellers looking to relax. Why not rent a room at a beach hotel and live your best life.


Another Island with a great collection of beaches. Cape Verse, Also known as the land of no stress is exactly that when it comes to it’s amazing beaches. 

Each island has it’s own amazing beaches with some of my favourite being Taraffal (Santiago island) and Matiota (Mindelo). 

But there’s no denying Praia de Santa Maria’s beauty on Santa Maria Island. It’s not only me who thought so either, this beach was the 2nd highest rated beach on trip advisor.

I once met a seychellois man who always complained about the beaches we went to in Senegal but once he showed me pictures of where he had been raised, I could understand why. To call these islands a tropical paradise is an understatement.

Some amazing beaches include;

Anse Lazio (on Praslin Island)

Anse Source D’Argent (La Digue Island)

Petite Anse (La Digue Island)

Anse Coco Beach (La Digue Island)

Anse Intendance (Mahe Island) and Spiagge di Anse Marron (La Digue Island). 

Because of all this, it’s no suprise that this country has our top spot and rated so highly on trip advisor.

Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below!

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