Guinea Bissau is a relatively small Portuguese-speaking country in West Africa that is often overlooked as a tourist attraction.

But with so many rivers and amazing coastlines and islands, the country is home to some great beaches and carnivals.

Alongside this, the country is full of incredibly friendly and helpful people who make your experience in the country 100 times better.

Though I wasn’t in Bissau long, I still enjoyed what time I had there (click here to read about it) and want to share my top must-see places in the capital, Bissau.

Old city

This neighbourhood is still in the capital, Bissau but is now a cultural hub with many colonial style houses still erect.

It’s well worth a visit when in the capital as it does feel like you’re stepping back into time.

The IBAP Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is not only a great place to go if you love nature, but is an amazing place to learn about the culture of Bissau- Guineans.

The compound also has a library detailing the country’s natural flora and fauna

Fortaleza de São José da Amura

This fortress is a former Portuguese headquarters and now serves as a museum in the country.

With stone made walls standing high and trees covering the fortress, it’s an eerie drive up there but once in, you’re able to learn a lot about Guinea Bissau’s culture and history.

Igreja Católica/ Bissau Cathedral

This Cathedral is located in the old city and is surrounded by beautiful greenery.

It’s definitely a must see in the city as it’s architecture is beautiful inside and out.

Parque Lagoa N’Batonha

This park is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day as it’s an incredibly peaceful and quite spot away from the busy city.

With diverse plant and bird species, It’s a perfect place for bird watchers.


Let us know your favourite spots in Bissau below too!

Safe travels x

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