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Riots sparks as students of Wits University are demanding registry for 2021

Students at the Wits university are rioting to allow all students with outstanding debt to register for the 2021 academic year.

The students have vowed to continue protesting against the financial exclusion of students.

The school authorities say that if it continues to accept students who have historical debt, the institution will become financially unsustainable.

The university states that R1 billion is already owed by existing students at the university over the course of seven years.

Wits University says it has made available R20 million for students who are facing financial hardship and R100 million has been allocated to financial aid through bursaries and scholarships.

The students are demanding that those who owe the university up to 150,000 rand ($9,850) in fees still be allowed to register for the new academic year.

According to the Student’s representative, About 80, 000 students are still not registered because of that financial exclusion problem

Riots took a turn for the worst on Wednesday

One person was killed on Wednesday after the South African police fired rubber bullets to disperse a group of student protesters at Wits University in Johannesburg.


However, Wits University spokeswoman Shirona Patel said the victim was not their student.


Enraged students gathered near the body, with some shouting at police officers to leave the area.


The death of a protestor has only fueled the student’s protests even more.

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