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Right now Senegal is going through a political wake. People are storming the streets of Dakar in protests against the government.

Senegalese staged a widespread demonstration against Macky Sall‘s administration, which kidnapped opposition leader Ousman Sonko on his way to a court hearing two days ago.

The Pastef party leader was arrested for disturbing public peace.

Sonko, 46, is a former presidential candidate. However, his political career was cast into doubt last month when an employee at a spa filed rape charges against him.

According to him, the accusation is an “attempt at political liquidation,” as he accused President Macky Sall of a conspiracy against him. 

On Friday, Senegal’s parliament voted to strip him of immunity so he could face those charges. But ahead of his court appearance on Thursday, hundreds of his supporters followed his motorcade, chanting and reportedly threw stones at policemen.

Demonstrators then clashed with police in Dakar, Senegal, amid massive demonstrations against the detention of Sonko.

Frustration has been boiling between the Senegalese people and the government due to the country’s economic situation, lack of job opportunities, and economic hardship brought on by Covid-19.

Videos have been circulating on  Twitter with people hurling stones at the police yelling “Free Sanko”, who fired tear gas at the crowd. 

One person has already been confirmed dead due to the riots.

What’s going on now

According to sources, social media access in Senegal is being restricted. 

Two Senegalese television stations have also been suspended over their coverage of the protests.

On Twitter, citizens are using the #FreeSenegal hashtag to draw attention to the situation, asking global figures to use the hashtag and help circumvent media silence. 

To raise awareness of these issues share this article and use the hashtag #freesengal

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