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Many people don’t know what this creature is, let alone of its endangerment but pangolins were widely found in both Asia and Africa calling South Africa, home. But unfortunately, now, this animal is the most illegally trafficked animal from Africa. They are hunted down for sport by ruthless hunters and traders usually sell them for around £15,000 – £20,000. They are the only mammals with scales and are unfortunately, now an extremely unique and rare site now. What’s more worrying is that the amount of pangolins out in the wild is unknown so these animals could be closer to extinction than we think. Read here for more information about Africa’s most endangered animals

The African Pangolin Working Group in South Africa are a team of veterinarians and wildlife experts, who have been rehabilitating pangolins rescued from poachers for nearly a decade. Many pangolins arrive traumatised at a Johannesburg wildlife clinic. The group has recorded 97 tons of pangolin scales seized last year from smugglers attempting to transport them out of Africa — which equates to roughly 150,000 illegally trafficked animals – a 20% estimate of the total figure as not all cases are known by authorities.

Nevertheless, steadily growing anti-poaching initiatives in South Africa work in collaboration with the police to identify and catch poachers and traders, who often in undercover operations to protect the country’s pangolins.

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