Mozambique Devastated By Cyclone Eloise

(3 mins read) It is estimated that around 5,500 families in Mozambique‘s central Manica province have been stranded without access to aid after last weekend’s Cyclone Eloise. Cyclone Eloise was the strongest cyclone to impact Mozambique since Cyclone Kenneth in 2019. The storm damaged and destroyed farmland, vital infrastructure, and thousands of homes, dealing another

Uganda’s president Museveni leading in election. Bobi Wine and other opposition leaders declaring his win fraudulent

(5 mins read) Uganda‘s President Yoweri Museveni took an early lead in the presidential election, according to preliminary results released on Friday by the electoral commission, but his main rival Bobi Wine said he had proof of election fraud. Just over 29% of votes from Thursday’s ballot have been counted and Museveni is in the

Why are African governments increasingly blocking social media?

(5 mins read) The blocking of social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp is becoming increasingly common in certain African countries. Digital rights activists say it’s censorship, but governments argue it helps maintain security. How do governments exactly block people from social media? A government can restrict access by ordering internet service providers