Dar, es Salaam, is one of the capitals of Tanzania and is often overlooked as a possible tourist destination as it’s overshadowed by Kilimanjaro and the plethora of safaris the country has to offer. This is understandable as Tanzania is truly amazing! Click here to read more about Tanzania. But Dar Es Salaam has it’s own unique twang. With bustling streets, huge markets, and multicultural hubs, it’s the perfect place to visit for big-city lovers. So here are my top 5 must-see places in Dar Es Salaam.

1.The museums

Both the national village museum and national museum were my highlights in the city. These places are great places to learn about how Tanzanians were before the Arabic and transatlantic slave trade lived and governed themselves.

The national museum is home to numerous bones and other fossilized remains, including a cast of one family’s footprint trail left in volcanic ash over 3.5 million years ago. From fossils and bones to carvings and statues. It also has a collection on the history of the slave trade and colonialism, as well as a number of cars that belonged to the country’s first president.

The Village Museum is a replica of many pre-colonial Tanzanian homes belonging to different some of the 120 different ethnic groups within the country.  Not only can you enter the homes but there are many information stations talking about the different ethnic groups, their traditional customs, crafts, and common household items. The museum also hosts Ngoma, tribal dances, and other cultural activities

2. Bagamayo City

Though a little further out of the capital (75 kilometres north). Bagamayo city was formerly a fishing village, the area has been home to Indian and Arab traders, the German colonial government, and Christian missionaries during its storied history. It is a place of considerable significance to world history, both as an entry point for Arab and European missionaries, explorers, and traders in East Africa. Once an active slave-trading outpost and ivory and coconut trading port, Bagamoyo, Tanzania is now home to a landmark church, a German graveyard, a history museum, and a thriving sailboat industry.  Guided tours are recommended.

3. Visit the Beaches

Coco beach, also known as Oyster Bay, this beach is popular with both locals and tourists. With an abundance of tasty street food served here, sports and the occasional concert. If you’re heading to this beach make sure you check out New Maisha Club a popular nightclub on the beach.

Bongoyo or Mbudya Islands are also perfect places to go to relax. As they are located off of the coast of Dar Es Salaam, they are much quiter and are home to beautiful beaches, clear waters and amazing seafood. You can take a short boat ride here from many points along Dar es Salaam’s harbour.

4.The wood Carvers market

I also enjoyed the Mwenge woodcarvers’ market as African art can be seen through these carvings. This is a great place to buy souvenirs as it’s home to a variety of products, but it is best known for its sculptures and wood carvings. Be sure to take a look around before purchasing so you know your options, and don’t be afraid to bargain.

5. Kunduchi Wet ‘N’ Wild Water Park

This aquapark is located about 19 kilometers from the center of town and is the largest water park in East and Central Africa. It’s a great place to go for families as it has over 30 water slides of varying heights, catering to both adults and young children. The park is also home to Tanzania’s only Go Kart track. Why not release your innter child at this park.

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