Now if you haven’t already read my country breakdown (click here) or the stories of my time in Cape Verde (read here) then you wouldn’t be aware of how much I love this country. From the people to the country’s landscape there are so many factors about this country that make it paradise. Cape Verde has a rich history and diverse culture unlike any other. So where are some of the best places gringos to the country can go to experience this? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Here are 10 places that can’t be missed on your visit to Cape Verde

10. Test out the nightlife

This country is the perfect place to test out your moves on the dancefloor as there is always a party happening. Why not try out a traditional African dance move called Kizomba?

If dancing is not your thing, there are still plenty of bars with lovely settings where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Some of my favourites were on the Quebra Canela strip (Santiago Island)

With a variety of international, national music played at events, you’re bound to love the country’s nightlife.

9. Ride a horse

Have you ever had been on a horseback city tour? Well in Cape Verde you can experience this unique way of seeing the city. These tours are offered on both Sal and Boa Vista islands.

8. Go Quad biking

Cape Verde is a very dry country, now this may sound like a negative thing but it’s also the perfect climate to go quad biking in. In both Sal and Boa Vista there are tours where you can quad bike around the area. These fun tours allow you to let loose and explore your adventurous side.

7. Go Kitesurfing

For all the adventure lovers out there, this activity is perfect for you. As the country is made up of islands, water sports are popular. Available on both Boa Vista and Sal, do check the government’s website or your local tour agency to know when the best dates are to book onto this.

6. Visit some of the world Famous beaches

It’s no surprise that a country made up of islands has some amazing beaches. But what is surprising is that some of these beaches are rated the top 10 beaches in Africa! 

Santa Maria beach on Santa Maria Island is said to be the best beach in the country. Why don’t you visit it yourself and tell us what you think? Click here if you’d like to know where else the best beaches in Africa are. 

Cape Verde

5. Climb Pico de Fogo 

Now this one’s for all the adventure lovers reading this. Fun Fact: Pico de Fogo is both an active volcano and mountain! Located on Fogo Island, this is the country’s highest point. There are tours available for those who’d like to climb to the top.

4. Become one with the sea

With so many activities to get involved in, this island offers it all. From snorkelling, windsurfing to swimming with turtles and whale watching on both Sal and Boa Vista islands. If it’s always been your dream to swim and spot sealife then these islands are for you! 

3. Carnival!

Now I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again. Cape Verdeans know how to party! Carnival being no exception, for a small collection of Islands, I was taken aback by how huge their carnivals were. With parties and parades lasting all day and all night, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to come. The carnivals are usually held in February or March, so it’s always good to check the government’s website (here) and book accommodation and flights in advance! It’s said that the best carnivals are on Mindelo Island but I’m sure all other Islands don’t disappoint either.

2. Visit Tarrafal

The second-largest city located on the top of Santiago Island, Taraffal is home to the best beaches on the Island, with beautiful churches and historical landmarks to see too. I really enjoyed renting a car and driving to Taraffal for a day trip with fellow travellers.

1. Experience Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha meaning ‘old city’ is located on the Santiago island and is the first city in the whole of Cape Verde. This town is a beautiful reminder of the country’s past and origins. With a museum, historical monuments and  archaeological ruins such as the 16th Century Sao Filipe Royal Fortification, it is definitely a must-see UNESCO site.

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