The Gambia, though small country, is packed with so many attractions for tourists. It’s safe and calm atmosphere makes it a perfect holiday destination and a great place to relocate to. With neighbourhoods like Ghanatown, and an undeniably huge reggae influence, the country has an intriguing mix of cultures.

The Capital, Banjul has so much to explore but before we get into that let’s talk about some things you should know before getting there. Gambia is a very relaxed and liberal country but is still an Islamic country so modesty should be taken into consideration. Gambia sits just above the equator so as you can imagine things can get pretty hot so make sure you pack as much sunscreen as possible! Accommodation in Gambia varies from $20 – $100 per night per person. Something worth knowing is that a lot of cheaper accommodations are usually owned by private hosts as hotels are often more expensive.

So in no paticular order, here are my Top 10 attractions in Gambia

1. James Island
This island, also known as Kunte Kente island is a UNESECO World Heritage site. Popularised by the film roots, a lot of people do not know that this island is a very real place. Marking the story of slavery in Gambia, the Island allows you to explore the Gambian history from pre-colonialism up until their independence. Truly a must-see island! 

2. The National Museum
This is a great place to learn about Gambian culture and history. This museum displays so many cultural and historic African pieces. With rooms showcasing the history of Gambian art, clothing, music, weapons and more, this is the place to explore more about Gambian history.

3. Abuko Natural reserve
This beautiful wildlife reserve was created in the early 20th century and is home to a plethora of wildlife and animals. Fun fact! This is the closest tropical forest to Europe so why not pay it a visit?

4. Stone Circles of Senegambia
Another UNESECO World heritage site is Stone Circles of Senegambia which date back to the 3rd century BC. and are located in both Senegal and Gambia. Whilst some speculate these stones to be a burial ground, others believe the stones were placed there by Gods and have spiritual meaning. Either way, these stones are an archaeological wonder.

5. Bijilo Forest Park
Also known as the monkey park is a breath of fresh air. This quiet and peaceful forest is located in Serrekunda. With clear paths, this park is the best place for nature and animal lovers.

6. Kachikally crocodile pool
Located in Serrekunda, gives all the exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with some crocodiles  in their natural habitat.

7. Tanje village museum
Located in in Tanji is a unique history museum as not only does it give you a unique look into Gambian, history, art culture and beautiful nature. You get a guided tour of the grounds and a traditional performance. Well worth the visit!

8. Albert market
The biggest market in Banjul(the capital) is a great place from both locals and tourists as it’s got something for everyone. Created in the early 19th century, this market has expanded over time and making it quite possible to get lost in, but with so much to see and great local street food everywhere, it’s isn’t a bad place to get lost in if you ask me.

9. The beaches
Gambia has some of the best beaches in Africa, don’t believe us? Click here to read about it. Some of our top picks are Kololi, Bijilo and paradise beach. Bijilo beach is attached to the forest park mentioned above so do make sure you also take a stroll through the forest too.

10. The nightlife.
Now if you haven’t read my blog, click here to here how my night out went in Gambia. Gambia’s nightlife is huge with it all happening in Senegambia region. The Senegambia strip has so many great bars and clubs such as the green mamba garden


With many more amazing things to do such going on a river cruise, seeing Janjangbureh and much more! Gambia should definitely be your next travel destination.

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