Our AdeAfrica Support programme works with local individual businesses across the African continent such as local craftsmen, tailors, artists and musicians.

The programme aims to use different social media platforms and this website to help promote the products of these African businesses, to be seen and sold to a wider audience.

40% of ALL profits made will be given back to the individual business owners allowing them to profit and expand their business. Look out for our ‘Profiles’ pages to see our existing partners.

Support Programme Aims

At AdeAfrica we aim to grow African communities sustainably. We amplify the skills of our partners on our global platform. Our mains are;

Creating Sustainable Impact

WE PAY YOU: Yes, AdeAfrica guarantees to pay our partners for any products sold on the various social media platforms and main website (adeafrica.com). Sellers will receive 40%*of profits in return. 


Longterm Value

AdeAfrica aims to build African communities and make them more sustainable by providing them with a more stable source of income. AdeAfrica understands the gravity of global situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic which has had a damaging impact on many local African tradesman and that’s why AdeAfrica want to help.


Global Reach

We want African communities to excel!

To ensure we do this we guarantee our partners that we will promote and showcase on our various platforms.

See the countries we have products from below!

Would you like to get involved in our Partnership programme ? Contact us now!

Click here to know how you too can contribute to this mission.

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