Location: Gambia

Gambia is a small but sweet country located in West Africa. Something I wasn’t expecting the country to have in abundance is HEAT which I very quickly felt.

Though I know I played myself for travelling to the country during their summer season, the hot weather I experienced in Serrekunda was unlike any other.

Even though my trip was short I could not help but hibernate whenever possible, and like a night owl, head out in the evenings.

I decided to take a long walk around the neighbourhood on my last day in order to get out of my nightmare situation (Read here, if you don’t know about it yet).

Gambia is a really safe country and I felt like a local with neighbours saluting me on my walk.

Getting a little fatigued, I sat down at a local restaurant/bar called Diva’s Restaurant Serrekunda and ordered some food.

A man began talking to me and he turned out to be the owner of the establishment.

We spent hours talking and once I told him that I haven’t experience the Gambian nightlife (a little ritual I have in every country) he was adamant to show me some of his favourite clubs in Gambia. I agreed as I it sounded like a perfect way to end my trip.

Getting back to my accommodation I had a long and needed nap before getting ready to go clubbing.

I headed back to the restaurant as it was our meeting point, we sat, talked, drank before heading to Senegambia, a few friends at his bar also joined us. Our clubbing escapade started at an amazing open bar called the green mamba garden.

This place was honestly gorgeous; from the decor to the atmosphere but my local clubbers were not impressed. It must have been a slow night for them as there were not so many people at the bar but had it have been packed, I’m sure it would have been amazing. We headed to the neighbouring club called the Reo’s Bar. It was slightly overpriced; I was guessing that this was a pristine club in the country as it gave off very boujee vibes.

The music was amazing and everyone was dressed to appease the gods but once in we were packed like sardines, with barely any room to walk yet alone dance.

We left and headed to a renowned reggae club in Senegambia. It was a little dingier but everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Though, I had to keep my things very close to me as pickpocketing was apparently common in the club, I enjoyed all the reggae vibes the DJ sent my way. It was around 4 am and we were all danced out, when my brain suddenly remembered that I have a 7am flight to catch. We start heading back to my accommodation all buzzed from the night out. My new friend decides to drive me to the airport as it’s 10 minutes from my accommodation.

My plan was to quickly go and get my things when – Fuck!

The gate had been locked from the inside.

I sobered up real quick at the realisation that my flight was in less than 2 hours and I was locked out of my Airbnb.

I started panicking, what could I do now? I called the host but no surprise he was asleep, I did not want to bang on the gate as other people lived within the compound. Just my luck I thought. I would have to miss my flight and sleep outside all because I wanted to go clubbing.

I was about to breakdown into tears to my new friend but he was not worried

He hopped out of his car and within a blink of an eye; he walked and jumped over the 10-foot wall and hopped into the compound. He opened the gate from the inside and I rushed in to get my things.

I was so worried about my flight that it did not even dawn on me how crazy that scene or the whole night had been.

I rushed to pack, change, and clean up before heading back out to get a ride to the airport.

Luckily, the airport was only 10 minutes away and with an hour to spare I said my goodbyes to my new Gambian friend.

We kept in touch and planned to meet in Guinea Bissau for a concert in the near future.

Whilst I planned on sleeping the alcohol out of my system during my flight.

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